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Declare your hypocrisy here!

June 29, 2013

– I do not like people to talk crap about gay people, but if someone does an impression of a very camp man and calls him gay, I usually laugh. (I’m not gay.)

– I have the exact opposite problem with the Chinese (etc) – I don’t mind the odd wry comment but I hate to see impressions. (I’m not Chinese.)

– Jokes about the Japanese can go either direction, and I make plenty myself. They’re probably the group of people about whom I will accept the most questionable comments, which might be a) insecurity about my own bias b) extra security about the fact that I know I am definitely not prejudiced. (I’m not Japanese.)

– I would never say that Americans are stupid. Never. But when Americans say it, I laugh.

– I would never say that Americans are stupid. Never. But that doesn’t stop me thinking of Frank Zappa’s “Valley Girl” every time one speaks.

– I would never say that Americans are stupid. Never. But by God do I feel sorry for the ones that aren’t. I mean, just look what they have to compete with.

– I get annoyed when British people make assumptions about me based on the fact that they are British and I am British, but I am perfectly happy to make fun of my own nationality when I am talking about myself.

– I don’t mind when other people put on “a British accent” but I do mind when people call it “a British accent” because a) Britain contains 3 countries (or 4 depending on your viewpoint) b) in every one of them, there are several accents.

– I don’t much like to hear black people diss other black people, but when Jews diss other Jews I tend to laugh. As a general rule, I love a good Jewish joke, though hate that joke format in general. (I’m not Jewish.)

– I get annoyed by some British stereotypes but not others; I really don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about our dental care, but I don’t like the assumption that we are  sexually and emotionally inhibited. I think this is because I am sexually and emotionally inhibited, but just happen to have perfect teeth.

– I love the accents of people from the Deep South plus Brooklyn and think there is nothing wrong with either set of people, but I will still enjoy a good piss-take out of either one.


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