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Tiny penis? You are inferior in ALL WAYS

March 17, 2017

There are lots of things we could say about Donald Trump. We could say he has orange skin, stupid hair, tiny hands and probably, a tiny dick.

When we talk about how ugly he is, others join in with gusto, more so than when the conversation gets political. It’s filler with subtext.

He’s an individual we don’t like because of what he thinks and does, and as a result we get a savage pleasure out of attacking his appearance.

What is lacking from this process is any consideration of why we do this, or if we should. We may rationalise that he deserves it, for being so unpleasant. Perhaps it’s because we know a cheap shot at someone’s looks often hurts, and we wish to hurt him in exchange for the harm he’s doing.

Maybe we kid ourselves that, with our petty barbs, we are redressing the giant chasm of power difference between him and the people he has the power to oppress. After all, his weird appearance was never problem when he was a nobody, then a businessman, then on The Apprentice.

Or, it’s just because we like being rude, and think that someone like Trump is fair game for the sport. Nothing more profound or noble than that.

Except, it’s never just the unpleasant guy who gets taken down. Every time we say that so-and-so “Must have a tiny dick” because he’s got a shoddy personality, we’ve actually insulted Dave from accounting, a nice guy who happens to have a tiny dick.

And for what? Nothing is achieved by loudly tooting that Trump must be poorly endowed. It doesn’t change his behaviour for the better. It doesn’t have any effect at all, other than a negative one; it reminds everyone how shallow and petty people can be, how easily distracted from the issues that matter. On a day when his hair was particularly stupid, Trump could get away with starting a war unnoticed.

Since we’re all so big on worrying about minorities right now, I should probably mention that transmen, for the most part, don’t have dicks at all.

No dick’s worse than a small dick, if that happens to be something you desire to own. That makes trans-Dave from accounting the biggest arsehole that ever lived. How dare he have sub-male / non-male anatomy! He must be a small-minded, over-compensating, egotistical nitwit. Stands to reason.

What an odd point of view to be put over on a daily basis by self-identified feminists.

I know what I’ll get for this. A stream of protests saying: “Men judge women’s bodies all the time! Stop complaining, women are way more oppressed.” Yes, women do get a lot of judgement placed on their bodies. And they shouldn’t. Let that be the end of it, as opposed to pitching yourself headfirst down the stairs of nastiness to get to the low, low level of people who don’t respect you and whom you don’t even like.

Small dicks may determine your sexual compatibility with a range of people, but it’s not like we have hard evidence to say that the Small Penised are Usually Sad. They certainly don’t automatically make you an oversensitive ninny. When they do, it’s because society, constantly sloshing around careless comments, won’t let you forget how inferior you are.

It’s hard for the shallow part of us to understand that people worse off than us physically are somehow happier and more well-adjusted. The thought might even make us angry. The jammy bastards, where do they get off, being all confident for no good reason. Often, we would rather think that they are not, so assume that they are not.

Underneath all that denial, we do know that human complexity allows for people to be short and confident, small-dicked and happy, ugly with high self-esteem. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe Mr Must-Have-A-Small-Penis actually has a gigantic dong, but it doesn’t do his self-esteem a blind bit of good because he grew up with an emotionally abusive alcoholic father.

All this obsessive focus on the physical is diminishing. It just generates spurious assumptions of character and stereotypes that do no one any good.

For men, it’s toxic masculinity. We can only be hurt by the fact that anyone can look at us, decide that we have a small dick, and quickly fabricate a load of related disorders of the mind; as opposed looking closer at who we are as individuals.

But it suits some men to shield themselves from the small-dick accusation by accusing others. If anyone’s got an inferiority complex, it’s those guys. And it’s located in their head, not in their Y-fronts.

It’s got to the point where, should you insist that your internal processes do not match the stereotypical canon, people simply don’t believe you. That’s how we get trapped in these cycles of presumptions, whereby everyone with anything “wrong” with them must be locked inside a front, harbouring a deep, dark dissatisfaction with their life. I must be crippled with anxiety over my inferior junk. What other possible scenario is there?

When you hear small-dick-equals-sad-and-bad comments, it’s always tempting to respond: you might think with your genitals (we should obviously reassess the notion that it’s only men who have that problem), but speak for yourself.

If anything, people with significant physical differences can’t afford to obsess over them, or they’d never get out of bed. That includes Captain Micropenis.


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