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Enforcing birth gender toilets

February 4, 2018

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you tried to enforce the gendered bathroom rule? The one that says you can only go into the bathroom of your birth gender, as indicated by your birth certificate.

Let’s look at it step by step.

First, you need muscle. In order to enforce anything, you need muscle. You put a security guard on the door of the women’s toilet, and a camera inside.

Then, you need ID that gets you past the bouncer. The only thing that will work is your birth certificate. That would mean that in order to get into the toilet, you have to carry your birth certificate everywhere you go.

If that isn’t Orwellian enough, you’ve got the problem of fakes. That would mean bouncers would have to flush out interlopers by checking the authenticity of these birth certificates with their keen eye. They would need to be pretty qualified to do this.

They would also have to determine that you are in fact holding your birth certificate, as birth certificates don’t contain photo ID. Passports do, but it turns out that the trans-sympathetic Establishment of many countries (including the UK) will reissue passports with the individual’s acquired gender on it, when they apply for a name and title change.

Some of them (the pesky UK again) even reissue birth certificates when gender recognition certificates are granted, meaning the bouncer would have to make sure the birth certificate looks sufficiently old, compared to the age of the person giving it to him.

He would have the check the authenticity of the passport and he would have to account for regional differences; he’d need to know the ins and outs of gender realignment policy in each country, to determine whether the person before him was from one of those nambypamby liberal countries, mentioned above.

We usually pick male people for security work, because they are stronger and more intimidating. In the case of protecting women’s bathrooms from transwomen, that’s rather ironic, because the men in closest quarters to the women’s bathroom are the guards themselves.

They could misuse their knowledge of the system and their authority, as people in authority have always done. They could be abusers themselves, and would therefore have to be thoroughly screened and trained, at expense to the taxpayer, or paying customers in private enterprises.

You could hire only female guards, and put those women at risk instead. Or, if the female guards are not at any greater risk than the male, it may suggest that the guarding of women’s spaces against men is generally redundant.

A guard of either sex could also discriminate on the grounds of appearance, as people in decision-making roles often fall into the pattern of using their intuition to solve problems, rather than go through the bother of procedure. The only way to prevent this is if they are properly supervised and scrutinised; yet more money to somebody.

Otherwise, the guards may simply turn away biological women because they are tall, broad, androgynous, athletic or have a facial hair problem. The last more commonly happens post-menopause, inviting indirect age discrimination.

Someone would also have to check the security footage, to make sure no one slipped through the net. Whoever watches the footage has to be screened, because he is dealing with sensitive material. More money.

(Screening also assumes that whoever has not done wrong in the past will not do wrong in the future. If we’re going to assume that, we might just as well assume it of trans people, most of whom are not on the sex offenders register.)

A lot of biological women are intimidated by the guards, uncomfortable with being constantly IDd, and unnerved by the idea that an unknown person is watching footage of them in a private place, supposedly for their protection.

The men’s toilets suffer none of the indignities of scrutiny, because hey, who cares about men. As a result, with reckless abandonment of their own safety, women take advantage of this and use the men’s toilets instead of the women’s. Men tolerate this, seeing the flaw in the system. The men’s toilets eventually become neutral toilets in practice, anyway.

Given the clear flaws in the guard system, the next best option is to encourage regular women to simply to scream at suspected transwomen the moment they walk in through the bathroom door. That’ll learn ’em.



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